The Natonal Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a natonal agency established in 2018 under the Ministry of Communicatons. The NCSC is responsible for Ghana’s cybersecurity development including cybersecurity incidents response coordinaton within government and with the private sector. The NCSC is responsible for Awareness Creaton & Capacity Building, Cybersecurity Incident Coordinaton & Response (CERT), Critcal Natonal Informaton Infrastructure Protecton (CNIIP), Child Online Protecton (COP) and Internatonal Cooperaton, among others. The NCSC is responsible for the development and implementaton of Ghana’s Natonal Cybersecurity Policy & Strategy. The NCSC work closely with the Natonal Cyber Security Technical Working Group (NCSTWG) in the implementaton of cybersecurity initatves across government and non-governmental sectors.

Capacity Building and Awareness Creation

Cybersecurity capacity building trainings for government and non-government agencies, private sector, academia coupled with heightening cybersecurity awareness and sensitisation through public outreach programmes.

Cybersecurity development

Developing a robust cybersecurity ecosystem through informed and dynamic policies and strategies reflecting current cybercrime/ cybersecurity trend.

Protecting critical sectors

Strengthening cybersecurity in our critical sectors, such as banking and telecommunications via sectorial Computer Emergency Response Teams (CERTs).


Ensuring effective coordination, cooperation and deployment for best response to cyber threats.


We value the classification of national and personal information since it underpins our course to build a resilient cyber ecosystem.


We approach our duties with seriousness and operate with high moral values in a well cordial working environment. Honesty is a value we hold in high esteem.


We inspire confidence among Ghanaians with our dependability by encouraging reporting of cyber incidents.


We value diverse views and perspectives exhibited by our multi-stakeholder engagements in decision making to build a robust cyber ecosystem.


We are committed to ensure that the cyber ecosystem of Ghana is protected for a Safer Digital Ghana.


We execute our mandate with professional competence. We take pride in the mission bestowed upon us to operate in a culture of trust and integrity with one another and the citizenry.